Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

What is poetry? (poem)

What is poetry?

Poetry is a chance to speak up.
A show for free, it's a dance and beat club.
Poetry is romance and sleek rap.
Also: It's me, for my fans to leap up.
Poetry is man's thing to keep up.

Women's as well,
'cuz we'd go to hell
if each writing hand
would have to name herself George Sand
to be recognized at all.

Poetry is a fall.
The fall of a curtain,
a revelation of truth.
Cobain Kurt for certain,
his lyrics not smooth.

A shot in the head,
in ours and others.
But not to be dead -
to awake and help brothers.
And mothers and sisters and fathers and aunts,
and uncles and grannies, ourselves and our friends..

Poetry can be life savior,
to read or to write it.
It might even pave your
way of life and enlighten it.

After all it is fun,
does not have to make sense.
Oh Lord won't you buy me
a Mercedes Benz.

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